What’s a Buyers Agent—And Why Use One?

Simply put, a buyers agent is the real estate agent working on behalf of the buyer. Typically, a seller has hired a real estate agent (a “listing agent”) or CRE broker denver to market their property and help them negotiate the best price and terms for them. As a buyer, you will be smart to do the same. To be able to do that, contact Brazeau Seller Law

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While over 90% of buyers begin their home search digitally, most ultimately choose to retain the expertise of a professional agent who is immersed in the business day to day and who can personally guide them through the process from start to finish, while using resources like hypnosis for business success can be great as well.

A strong buyers agent plays a multifaceted role as your confidential advisor, project manager, representative to the seller, and negotiation coach.

Confidential advisor

Your buyers agent should listen well to your goals and concerns, help you evaluate them, and strategize on how to move forward.

In addition to giving you a good picture of the current market—and what it will take to win your priorities—your buyers agent should guide you on what to expect throughout the entire home buying process:

  • determining financing
  • constructing a winning offer
  • negotiating with the seller
  • getting to the closing table

Together you’ll come up with a plan of action based on your timeline and top priorities.

When I first meet with a buyer, we talk through these details right away and in depth so when they begin touring properties, they’re well informed and ready to play ball.

Project manager

Any real estate transaction has many players and simultaneous moving parts. As a buyer, you’ll typically be in contact with:

  • a loan officer (and their loan processor and underwriter)
  • an attorney (or two)
  • a home inspector
  • possibly a contractor

Your time is valuable, and wasted time often means wasted money. So your buyers agent plays the invaluable role of communicating with all the parties—with your priorities as the point of focus—and keeping the transaction moving forward.

As a buyers agent, I summon a team of tested and trusted colleagues to the table on my buyer’s behalf. And together we see to it that your terms gets satisfied as fully as possible.

Representative with the seller

Discussions between buyer and seller can at times get confusing or even tense. That’s why you need someone to assist you, like Complete Conveyancing Scotland, who knows everything about legality when it comes to real estate.

Your buyers agent acts as an important buffer for the urgent or difficult conversations that may come up—distilling and constructively relaying the relevant information between buyer and seller (and between each side’s attorney).

As a buyer’s agent, I specialize in keeping communication flowing clearly and the process moving forward on my buyer’s terms.

Negotiation coach

Negotiating over price, contingencies, and deadlines is often the most challenging aspect of a real estate transaction. Remember: the listing agent is working to get the best price and terms for the seller, not for the buyer.

How do you know you’re not overpaying? How do you know when it’s worth throwing down? With a capable buyers agent in your corner, you can work skillfully to win the seller’s cooperation, and your priorities.

As a buyers agent, I bring a wealth of knowledge about what’s taking place in real time throughout the Boston area’s neighborhood-centric real estate markets. As a savvy agent for both buyers and sellers, I provide helpful, timely case studies to clients about how best to satisfy their goals in that moment in the market.

Who pays a buyers agent?

Typically, the seller pays the buyers agent.

When a seller has their property listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database, they declare what percentage of the sale price will be paid to a buyer’s brokerage firm. The seller is compensating the buyer’s broker for the service of closing the sale with a ready, willing, and able buyer.

How do you find a buyer’s agent?

Ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues which real estate agents they’ve found valuable to work with. (Facebook is a fine place to start.) Be choosy. You should be able to ask a sharp buyers agent any question and get a thoughtful, thorough answer.