Real estate can be your place of nesting and inspiration, a way to build roots in a community, and an asset to strengthen financial standing. Before we focus on the property, what’s the bigger picture you’re looking to fill in? Whether you’re buying, selling or both, we’ll think together to understand your animating needs and how to satisfy them in the current market. With Melony’s depth of experience, the right new home or the elegant listing strategy will present itself. Some of what she offers is numerical analysis, and some of it is intuition. Indeed, she’s been known to make the gleefully unexpected happen… It all comes from deeply nuanced discussion with you.



We excel at caring. Relationship is at the center of what we do. The way we meet—or exceed—your needs is by affirming your trust. Consistently 85% of our clients have been referred to us or have worked with us before, and we’re committed to that continuity. We tend to your full array of needs. We partner with top-notch, client-focused experts—from loan officers, attorneys and home inspectors to financial advisors and contractors—who will work seamlessly on your behalf. You’re busy balancing responsibilities and need to use your time and efforts wisely. Our team is your partner, thinking about all the things you would be––and letting you know what you should be. And we have fun doing it.