Buying While Selling: What Comes First?

About a third of our clients are buying and selling at the same time, or back-to-back. Which to do first, and how do you leverage the equity in your current home?  We think through critical questions to clarify your best scenario within a competitive market––paying attention to your cash on hand and financing options––and aiming […] Read More

Jumping in to the Pre-Spring Market

As we cross the threshold into January, folks often get energized about their real estate plans. This might be the most strategic moment to dive in. Home sellers and buyers both tend to think of spring as their target timeframe for making sales and moves. In the Boston area, this is due in part to […] Read More

How We Helped Bring a Celebrated COVID Vaccine Scientist to Boston

CLIENT FEATURE: DR. KIZZMEKIA CORBETT Client, friend, and public health scientist Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett and her research colleagues have been named TIME’s 2021 “Heroes of the Year” for their innovative work in developing the mRNA-based platform for the COVID-19 vaccines. New to Boston, Dr. Corbett has also been dubbed “The People’s Scientist” as a 2021 […] Read More

Join Our Team: Buyer’s Agent and Showings Agent

High-performing residential real estate team based with Unlimited Sotheby’s International Realty is seeking stellar people to serve and develop its $50 million sales base. With offices in Jamaica Plain, Brookline and Newton Centre, work closely with team lead Melony Swasey to attentively and strategically close purchases with clients. Buyer’s Agent: Read About the Role Showings […] Read More

Recasting Your Mortgage Can Be Strategic—and Save You Money

If you’re selling and buying simultaneously—or buying before your routine bonus comes in or before vesting stock options—planning to recast your mortgage can allow you to purchase strategically in a competitive field, and save money. (Ask your loan officer about loan products that allow it.)  A lender allowing you to recast your mortgage means you […] Read More

Our 2021 Donation Recipients

The Good Boston Living team is honored to make a tradition of year-end donations to nonprofit organizations on behalf of our clients and supporters. This year, we’re donating one percent of our sales revenue.  After receiving suggestions from our community, we’ve chosen these organizations engaged in the vital work of public health, housing equity, the […] Read More

When Should a Seller Set an Offer Deadline?

An offer deadline or offer review date on a listing means that all offers will be reviewed by the seller at one time, rather than individually as they come in.  So, when should they be used?  Our thinking on offer deadlines—as with most factors in a fast-moving market—is that it depends. In particular, it depends […] Read More

Selling Your Home While Living with Kids

Moving while parenting can add another layer of complexity to the process, and we’re well equipped to help your family navigate the process so that you present your home in the best possible light while also balancing your family’s needs.  Here are some suggestions as you prepare to sell your home:  Prepack out-of-season clothing and […] Read More

Delivering Fall Goodies Around Boston

The team and I had a lovely time dropping off mums and pumpkin carving kits to clients and friends around Boston this fall. And, we were elated to see some of the creative results! Here’s Ezra, the son of our dear friend and client Leila, hard at work on his pumpkin. Thanks for sharing with […] Read More

Navigating a Competitive Market

I recently had the honor of speaking on a virtual panel hosted by The Boston Globe. The webinar, “Room for Optimism: How to Buy a House in a Difficult Market,” featured Boston-area real estate experts fielding home buyers’ questions about how to win a home in our often urgently competitive environment. During the webinar, I […] Read More