Why Speak With A Loan Officer First?

Buyers often want to jump right into looking at properties. But before we do that, we need to discuss your priorities and strategize to win them. Part of that is determining your buying power up front. That is, what are the best ways to structure your financing given:

  • the funds you have on hand
  • where you’re buying, and
  • the type of property you’re pursuing (condo, single, multifamily)?

All of these questions can affect your buying power.

We also want to catch any issues that you may need to resolve before getting a loan (e.g., errors on a credit report or which debts to pay off versus keep to improve your score).

I’ll put you in touch with a loan officer I work closely with to strategize about creative financing solutions and whose team can keep us informed and on track (and often ahead of the game) during the entire transaction. Having a preapproval from such a loan officer or lending institution can be a serious asset in a competitive offer situation, where a seller wants to choose the least risky buyer.