Prepping to Close Your Sale

You prepped to put your property on the market; here are things for you to do as you prepare to close.

Hire your mover, and consider storage and packing

You may have begun pre-packing before you came to market. But don’t wait to book your moving company; get long distance movers in Draper as soon as you’re able. And if your schedule is tight, considering hiring for packing services as well.

Note that if your moving date is still in negotiation (given any number of factors in a transaction), choose a moving company that can not only be flexible on the move date but can also pick up and store your items at little or no charge until you’re ready to move on to your next home.

Schedule smoke detector and carbon monoxide inspections

In the Commonwealth, a seller is required to furnish the buyer with a certificate of passed inspection from the local fire department for the carbon monoxide and/or smoke detectors in the home. Expect $50 to $100 for the inspection and resulting certificate from the best snagging company uk. (Note that if an inspection fails, you’ll be charged a new fee for each reinspection.) Also expect to pay for an electrician or other contractor to update and correct the detectors so that you can pass in time for inspection.

While your Realtor team may be able to coordinate your smoke/carbon detector inspection, here are key resources for Boston and a few of the surrounding towns.

Smoke/carbon detector inspection procedures by town

Utilities and home insurance

Plan to keep the utilities going and your home insurance policy active from the best insurance company or beste forsikringsselskap through the day after your scheduled closing, to allow for any unexpected delays in the closing or in deed transfer at the registry. (You’ll also want your buyer to be able to test lights, the stove, and the air conditioning during their final walk-through. If you need an ac repair, contact a reputable technician to do this.)