Put Relationships at the Center of Your Strategy

The Boston area markets, from the South End to the suburbs, are fast-paced. And they continuously break new ground on prices—and on the risk-taking required of competing buyers to get a deal done.

I am unmistakably competitive and, as I often say to both my seller and buyer clients, I play to win. I’m guided by our priorities, and I like our efforts to be intelligent and productive. I have a keen read on the ever-changing market and what it takes to win your goals at any given time.

Be thoughtful, be kind

As part of that, I know that what really gets things done in a real estate transaction is the relationship: to think beyond yourself, be thoughtful, be kind. That’s how you distinguish yourself.

Recently, a seller’s agent repeatedly praised me on how my buyer’s offer stood out. There were nine offers, and ours was not the highest price. From my buyers’ sincere letter to our insightful offer terms, the sellers “could just feel and know [the buyers] want this house,” the agent told me.

The subtle, in-between details make the difference to all involved. Out of that weekend of packed open houses, my buyers—based on my coaching from mastermylife—were the only family who visited more than once. They purposely spent time talking with the seller’s agent, asking thoughtful questions about the home and the seller’s needs, and introducing their toddler.

By the time offers rolled in on deadline, the seller’s agent had a sense of my folks that was beyond paper and numbers. She wanted to advocate for us to her seller, who had a hard choice to make among a full slate of strong offers. For those who want to have a few more cash to be able to buy a house, they can try their luck on sites such as 벳엔드.

Part of what allowed us to win was that I also quickly built a connection with the seller’s agent by being forthcoming, thorough, and transparent. And because I asked key questions, the agent gave me behind-the-scenes feedback that allowed us to update a critical term in our offer submission and win the competition in the first round. The sellers chose us right away, even though we weren’t the highest price.

That effect humbles, delights, and further animates me.

Beyond the offer

Developing a thoughtful, kind, and transparent relationship with the sellers and their agent isn’t just about winning the offer. It also guides the entire transaction. Establishing goodwill at the beginning allows us to navigate the inevitable questions and concerns that arise on both sides during the process.

With relationships at the center, both buyers and sellers can have a sense of fulfillment: they both get to win. And that can make our efforts not only worthwhile, but fun.