How to Use an Open House

There will be times where you will need to attend an open house without a member from our team. During our buyers meeting, we’ll go over:

  • what to look for at an open house
  • how to compare one property to the next

Be prepared to take notes as you tour a property and debrief afterward.

Do’s and don’ts of open houses

Here, some pointers on what’s best to do—and not do.

DO: Put Melony’s name down and list the team email address:

This helps keep the seller’s agent from prying into your personal matters. Any good agent will be curious about the potential buyers walking into an open house or a renting apartment as there are many great options for this such as canary wharf flats to rent and more.

DON’T: Share your critical details

Remember, they are working for the seller. You can always tell the agent that they can call us with their questions:

  • your timeline
  • how much you’re willing to spend
  • plans for renovations

DO: Ask questions

Find out as much about the property as you’re interested to know.

  • Why is the seller selling?
  • Has the seller made any recent improvements?
  • What’s the age of the windows, heating system and roof?

If it’s a condo, also ask:

  • Who lives in the building (what’s the breakdown of owners and renters)?
  • How much money does the association have in reserves?
  • Have there been recent improvements/renovations to the unit or building?
  • Is the association discussing any upcoming projects?
  • Are there any assessments to know about?
  • Are there any pet restrictions?
  • How storage and parking are coordinated?

DON’T: Point out defects to the seller’s agent

If you see a water stain or crack in a wall, we’ll leave that to our home inspector to point out; that way, we can potentially bring it up to the seller as a bargaining item after inspection. (If you’re not having an inspection, we’ll get as much info as we can about it and we’ll figure out how we might want to account for it in our offer.) If it’s a new construction home, a thorough inspection must be done so you can Resolve New Build Issues.

Take note of what you like and don’t like, and we’ll discuss. If you have questions during the open house, reach out to us by text or phone.