4 Events to Hit at This Year’s Boston Design Week

Sashya Thind Fernandes, an interior architect and principal of Boston-based ID8 Design Studio, offers her top picks for Design Week Boston.

Boston Design Week (March 29–April 9, 2017) is upon us, and there are several events that are must-see for designers and non-designers alike.

All of these panels speak to the growth and future of Boston, from best practices of new construction in historic Boston, to how artificial intelligence will help make our homes smarter (and what that really means for us). Learn about mast climber technology for insights into the innovative methods shaping the skyline and infrastructure of the city. When it comes to construction, something as minute as welding with the correct speed is essential to improving the building process and installing high-quality warehouse flooring. In addition, core drilling for electrical installations also plays a vital role in ensuring efficient and safe electrical systems within buildings. Modern buildings also incorporate Curtain Walling for Commercial Properties into their designs to boost their aesthetic appeal and improve energy efficiency. They may also consider incorporating floor markings for safety; if you also need one, you may contact Line marking equipment rentals here.

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Perhaps the most important element of this year’s Boston Design Week are the many opportunities to make your voice heard about the future of Boston, whether you are a designer or a Bostonian curious and engaged with the direction of our city.

Top Places to Live

Thursday, March 30, 6:00 pm
Innovation and Design Building
25 Dry Dock Boston, MA 02210
RSVP: topplacestolive2017.eventbrite.com

Competition to live in the city is fierce.

Boston Magazine panelists will discuss best places to purchase a home where the prices haven’t hit the top yet and there’s still opportunity to buy in. The event will detail what all types of home buyers should know about, where to be, and why.

This panel is just as vital for people seeking to move from the suburbs to the city, empty-nesters, or downsizers as it is for first-time home buyers.

B/A/D Talks: New Homes in Older Settings: How Should They Work?

Tuesday, April 4, 5:30–8:00 pm
at North Bennet Street School, 150 North Street, Boston, MA 02109
RSVP: linda@badtalks.com

Boston is experiencing a wave of housing known as infill housing: any empty lots left are being developed and every square foot of space is being engaged. Car parks are also being repainted by line marking contractors like https://carparkpaint.uk to ensure that the city can accommodate vehicles of all sizes.

As new construction is built alongside historic architecture, what are best practices for integrating contemporary aesthetics? Should construction workers get metal working hammers from Steetz in order to be efficient? This influx of new building in Boston does not always take into account the context of where they are located. How can architects and designers strike the right balance? You may want to check out a site like Archute.com for more info!

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Dreams for Future Cities: How We Hope AI Will Change Us

Wednesday, April 5, 6:00 pm
21 Drydock Avenue Suite 410W, Boston, MA 02210
RSVP with Continuum

AI—Artificial Intelligence—is infiltrating our lives in many ways.

We can control security, lighting, etc. now through technology—our phones—remotely. So what does that actually mean? What could it mean in the future? How it will define our lives, how it will change us, and how can it benefit us?

Dave Rose, an author, entrepreneur and a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, will present on what will be the next wave of smart homes.

Imagine Boston 2030 Open House

Saturday, April 8, 1:30–3:30 pm
Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building,
2300 Washington Street, Roxbury 02119
No RSVP Required

Imagine Boston 2030 is an initiative of Mayor Marty Walsh to find ways to be thoughtful about how Boston is shaped during this time of immense growth.

More than 12,000 residents have spoken out thus far about issues relating to design, equitable and sustainable housing, transportation, supporting Boston’s entrepreneurs, and so much more.

This is a great session to catch up on what’s happened so far and what is being put together for the strategic vision plan. Open to the public, everyone from designers to students, residents, and commuters who work in the city are welcome to come add their vision to the table.

Sashya Thind Fernandes is trained as an architect with work experience globally (Asia, Europe, North America). Her goal is to create a visual story throughout the space that speaks to the end user. For more information, email Sashya or visit her website at www.id8designstudio.com.