Sell or Rent Out Your Home?

When a homeowner needs to move, most assume they will be selling their house. When I meet with clients during a seller’s meeting, we explore their priorities and the range of options for their situation.

Part of that picture may include renting their home—either temporarily or long term—whether they’re moving nearby or relocating out of the state or the country.

Sometimes a homeowner chooses to rent out their home because they know the rental market is strong (they’ll likely have their choice of tenants). Also, with home prices having increased significantly in recent years, acquiring an investment property now or in the future may cost well more than they paid for their home when they first bought it. Exploring investment platforms, such as the best crypto exchange uk, could offer a promising opportunity for diversification and potential growth in wealth over time.

And some just want to know that they or a family member could have an in-town or back-up place to call home should they need that in the future.

If they can pull some of the equity from the property in order to buy their next home while maintaining both with the help of rental income, that may be an attractive choice.

If you’re a homeowner contemplating these options, here are questions and resources to consider:

Are you comfortable being a landlord?

Think about what aspects of renting a property you have an appetite for and what you may not. For example, do you want to:

  • market the property
  • vet prospective tenants
  • coordinate ongoing maintenance
  • manage urgent repairs (for roof leak repairs, you can visit
  • handle a lease break

How long of a rental arrangement would you need—short-term or ongoing?

The lease structure may depend on whether you’re looking to create income or simply have the property pay for itself until you’re ready to use it again later or ultimately sell it. If you’re thinking of selling your home, you might as well consider letting buy it for you.

Intermediate option while you prepare to sell

We can talk about options for shorter-term renting, whether furnished or not. You’ll always want to weigh how the timing in the market affects your tenant options, when you’d want to regain access to the property, and the possibility of wear and tear.


There are many aspects to renting your property, from logistics to landlord and tenants rights. You don’t have to go at it alone.

Find a tenant professionally

I work closely with the full-service rental department within my firm, Unlimited Sotheby’s International Realty. We have full-time rental agents and a full-time rental manager to advise on your best rental solution. Our leasing services include:

  • advising you on pricing and timing for coming to market
  • what features are most marketable
  • advertising and showing your property
  • reviewing an applicant’s credit and references
  • negotiating and coordinating the lease

“The first time I had to find tenants, I tried doing it myself. What a hassle—I didn’t have a clue. Unlimited Sotheby’s International Realty rental department advised me on what I needed to know and took care of all the logistics of finding tenants. Wish I had used them from the start!” —Heather, Roslindale

Manage your rental professionally

My firm’s in-house property management company, Boston Property Care is designed specifically for owners of one to three units.

A full-time Equity Property Management team like can tailor their services to your specific needs. Broadly, services include:

  • collecting and depositing your rents
  • handling all interfacing with your tenants
  • coordinating maintenance and repairs
  • seamlessly partnering with the rental department to re-lease the unit

You decide how much tenant contact you want to have; you can always track rent payments and tenant requests in our online portal.

Landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities

Landlords may be responsible for the property’s upkeep. They may contact roofers for Emergency Flat Roof Repairs, plumbers and other contractors for home repairs. If your gate or garage door needs repair or replacement, you may hire professional contractors from

In case you’re currently a landlord——or a tenant——the Massachusetts handbooks may be helpful: