A Seller’s Story: “The Wonderful World of 130”

Home can be a place of grounding and nesting. For the sellers of 130 Anawan Avenue in West Roxbury, it has been a place of family and community. Their kids (ages ten and seven) have loved the home so much, they wrote a story to share the inspiration and comfort of living there.

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The Wonderful World of 130

By Z.C. and L.C.

Once upon a time there lived two sisters named Penelope and Margaret. Penelope and Margaret lived in a beautiful house that made them feel safe and warm. Each place in the house had a special memory. For example whenever the two girls walked into Penelope’s room they felt like brave skydivers. The two girls always felt that way when they piled pillows on the floor and landed on them after jumping off of the bed. When Margaret walked into her room she felt like a queen. The slick light purple walls were the color of royalty and when she stood on her toy box she felt like the queen of the world. When the girls were in their parents room they felt like sneaky spies, hiding behind the long curtains and in the deep dark closet was super fun. When Penelope walked into the living room she felt like a pooped puppy, she loved to relax and sleep in there. In the kitchen the girls felt like mad scientists, because they were always cooking up crazy concoctions. In the backyard they were gardeners, they took care of all the plants and animals (especially the rare butterflies and hummingbirds). On the back porch they felt like lucky leprechauns remembering the times when rainbows showed up. Lets of course not forget when they were in the dining room they felt like the boss, when they planed out their lunches for the next day. I guess it’s safe to say that the girls had many great memories in their first home, and they will always love and cherish it.