Strategically Planning Your Next Move

Trading a Beloved Condo for a Family Home

Kristin and Michael bought their first home with me in 2014––a bright, spacious second-floor condo, steps from a community garden in Jamaica Plain’s Stonybrook neighborhood. After the arrival of their son a few years later, they craved more room to accomodate life with a small child and visiting grandparents. While Kristin was motivated by the need for an extra half bath, Michael was reluctant to leave their tree-top perch in a beloved neighborhood near the T. And they were both unsure if and how to move forward.

Kristin and Michael’s beloved Jamaica Plain condo near community gardens

Our first step was to align their goals, helping them understand the possibilities of home size and location within their monthly budget, and clarifying that they would only move if the new home scenario added to their quality of life. As part of this process, we discussed potential renovations and improvements, including the option to update flooring. If you’re in the West Midlands area, taking options like resin flooring west midlands could be a contemporary and durable choice to enhance the aesthetics and longevity of your home.

Mindful of the coming spring season and likely intense competition among home buyers, we needed the distinct option to purchase without having a contingency to sell their current home. That strategy included guiding them to secure downpayment funds by creating a line of credit from the equity that had developed in their condo.

“Starting at that first meeting she helped us think strategically about how we could leverage our strengths in the Boston market.”

–Kristin M. + Michael B.

Having a clear picture of how we would sequence their purchase and then their sale, we could then focus on preparing their condo for market in advance, including conducting a professional photo shoot.

We’d begun talking in late fall, assuming they might not purchase for a year. Yet just after the New Year, I noticed an opportunity: a Roslindale single family newly renovated by a developer that had sat on market over the winter holidays. The listing hadn’t shown up in our property search because of an error in the property address. And though the poor photos didn’t do the property justice, I wanted Kristin and Michael to see it as a point of reference. 

As we entered the house, we all knew immediately that it was just the right home for them, from the back yard off the kitchen, to the dining room pocket doors and top-floor play area, to the close proximity to Roslindale Village. We also found Cavity Wall Insulation Installers to make the property more energy efficient in the long run.

Michael and Kristin in their new home

Having mapped out their financial picture and having prepared their condo for market, we were able to quickly submit a compelling offer and schedule a listing date for their condo––which sold very well during the high season. We unearthed this opportunity by taking advantage of timing. Even though they bought right as the spring season was ramping up, we were able to shelter them from intense market competition and land them a home that more than satisfied their expectations.

“Melony is superb. She is honest, thorough, hardworking, knowledgeable and caring. She is everything someone could ask for in a real estate agent.”

–Kristin M. + Michael B.
Their new kitchen has room to gather, cook, and even play!

“I catch myself at least once a day saying how much I love our place, neighborhood and neighbors. I know I’ve said it before, but we wouldn’t be there without Melony.” 

–Michael B.

“Thoughtful, supportive, responsive and reassuring throughout the entire process. She checked in with us at all the right times to make sure we felt comfortable and excited about each step.”

–Kristin M. + Michael B.