That home-office life: creating work space

As millions of us now work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many predict that our adaptations may usher in a new way of working for the long term.

And if the workplace becomes more of a permanent fixture where we reside, then home buyers are likely to place even more of a primacy on homes that can accommodate office or studio space with furniture and pieces like computer mounts, desk and ergonomic chair to improve productivity.

In addition to sticking to a consistent schedule and changing out of pajamas, experts recommend creating a dedicated work space to be most productive while working from home. An ideal set-up includes a space outside a bedroom, with a door you can shut to cleanly divide work and home responsibilities. 

Finding and delineating that space may call for creativity: you might adapt a walk-in closet or pantry, add French doors to an open doorway, or even capture space in a stairwell landing.

We’re sharing some photos of homes we’ve helped clients buy and sell that include a range of home office solutions, from professionally-decorated spaces to a laundry room nook.

This spacious and stylish Dorchester office space was decorated by one of the owners, an interior designer.
This third-floor library in a Newton townhome served as a private home office for our client, a lawyer.
This Brookline condo featured a two-level master suite, which the owners maximized by creating a home office under the stairs.
In a single-family Malden home, this home office also showcased the couple’s hobbies and collections.
In Roslindale, this sunroom off the master bedroom serves as a light-filled work space.
At the top of the stairs, this wide landing offers flexibility for creating a comfortable work-from-home set-up.
A desk with drawers hides a laptop and office supplies when this living room home office is not in use.
These Jamaica Plain clients carved out a functional home office in their laundry room.