That home-office life: creating work space

As millions of employees like us now work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many predict that our adaptations may usher in a new way of working for the long term.

As the workplace becomes a more permanent presence in our homes, addressing contentious workplace situations becomes increasingly important. This is because creating a harmonious home office or studio space, complete with essential furniture like computer mounts, desks, and ergonomic chairs, is vital for improving productivity and maintaining a positive work environment. You can also put a coffee table in your work space, which can be bought at Copper and Tweed. You may also use amusing mugs for your coffee to start your day right. You may also check out these customized wristbands, which can be a great gift for yourself or your work buddy. If you love vintage items, then you may consider adding vintage gas pump globes for sale to your collection.

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In addition to sticking to a consistent schedule and changing out of pajamas, experts recommend creating a dedicated work space to be most productive while working from home. An ideal set-up includes a space outside a bedroom, with a door you can shut to cleanly divide work and home responsibilities. If you’re short on space, has the perfect solution for you.

Finding and delineating that space may call for creativity: you might adapt a walk-in closet or pantry, add French doors to an open doorway, or even find a carpet with vibrant colors, bold patterns, and interesting textures from carpet stores Melbourne. Your ultimate choice reflects how you want to personalize your living space.

We’re sharing some photos of homes we’ve helped clients buy and sell that include a range of home office solutions, from professionally-decorated spaces to a laundry room nook.

This spacious and stylish Dorchester office space was decorated by one of the owners, an interior designer.
This third-floor library in a Newton townhome served as a private home office for our client, a criminal lawyer.

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This Brookline condo featured a two-level master suite, which the owners maximized by creating a home office under the stairs. To protect the computer stationed here, services like the Workstation Backup can be utilized.
In a single-family Malden home, this home office also showcased the couple’s hobbies and collections.
In Roslindale, this sunroom off the master bedroom serves as a light-filled work space.
At the top of the stairs, this wide landing offers flexibility for creating a comfortable work-from-home set-up.
A desk with drawers hides a laptop and office supplies when this living room home office is not in use.
These Jamaica Plain clients carved out a functional home office in their laundry room.