Navigating a Competitive Market

I recently had the honor of speaking on a virtual panel hosted by The Boston Globe. The webinar, “Room for Optimism: How to Buy a House in a Difficult Market,” featured Boston-area real estate experts fielding home buyers’ questions about how to win a home in our often urgently competitive environment. For more on business handling you can now check this guide about how to fill out a paystub for your employees.

During the webinar, I discussed how we guide our clients to win:

  • Prioritize rigorously. Match your needs to your means, and then map those onto the market––by location, property type, amenities, and market timing.
  • Honor your risk tolerance––emotionally as well as financially––by factoring in a cash buffer for repair items and appraisal considerations. 
  • With Boston-area timelines driven by the academic calendar, consider searching in the fall, when there’s less urgent competition.