Preparing for Selling: Before and After

Our skilled (and, ahem, perfectionist) team ensures that each home we bring to market is shown in its best light, from the photography in the listing to how it’s presented during open houses. This Victorian home in Jamaica Plain had original, restored details that we wanted to showcase without added distractions. You may also need to schedule seattle gas furnace repair services to ensure that your heating system is in good shape when showing your home to potential buyers.


Here’s how we approached the dining room: 

  • Minimized decorative items and furniture to allow the large windows, built-in hutch, wide plank floors, and decorative trim to really shine.
  • Removed chairs from the ends of the dining room table to make the room feel larger.


If you’re thinking about selling in the coming months, get in touch! We’d love to tour your home and offer suggestions for how to make sure it’s market-ready.