Weekly Live Series @goodbostonliving

Boston Realtor Melony Swasey digests the week’s real estate updates during COVID-19

As we adjust our routines around stay-at-home orders, we’re all finding new ways to share connection and guidance online. To that end, I’ve been hosting a weekly Live event on Facebook to digest the latest and engage my guest colleagues on everything from how to make your home more functional now to how to prepare health documents for your family.

Tune in Thursdays at 3pm at @goodbostonliving on Facebook and ask your questions!

Thursday, April 16 at 3pm

Guest: Andrew Marquis, senior loan officer

Guaranteed Rate

Longtime colleague Andrew Marquis joined me to answer the week’s top questions about how COVID-19 is impacting the Boston real estate and lending markets.

Our biggest takeaways from that conversation include:

  • In this time when we’re all being as cautious as we can, know that the mortgage process is largely virtual: borrowers can e-sign 80% of their closing packet online. (And currently many appraisals are being conducted virtually.)
  • Interest rates are very low, and there is still pressure for rates to go down
  • Boston area employment remains relatively stable. Andrew’s team is seeing only a 2% to 3% fallout on loans due to unemployment or furloughs, compared to 10% or higher nationally

Thursday, April 23 at 3pm

Guest: Annika Bockius-Suwyn, attorney

DangerLaw, LLC

The spread of COVID-19 is prompting many people to make arrangements to protect themselves and help loved ones answer questions that might arise about life, death and sickness. Attorney Annika Bockius-Suwyn broke down what estate planning really means, and why you need it regardless of your financial position.

Our biggest takeaways from the conversation include:

  • Name a heath care proxy (and back-up) to communicate with a hospital
  • Designate a durable power of attorney to make financial decisions for you, including negotiate with the insurance company
  • Include a HIPAA release form so doctors can communicate fully with your decision maker(s)
  • Even young adults need a health care proxy: once you’re 18, no one can talk to doctors on your behalf, including your parents, unless designated as your health care proxy
  • Parents should name an emergency guardianship proxy for immediate coverage if you’re suddenly unavailable

Downloadable documents to help you and your family plan:

Specializing in estate planning, asset protection and family law, DangerLaw brings a professional, educational and collaborative approach to advising families of all types.

Thursday, April 30 at 3pm

Guests: Allison Tilly Carswell and Andrea Canty

Red Door DesignWorks

Home staging and interior design experts Allison and Andrea will join me to talk about how they’re preparing for the return of in-person services and changes you can make to create a functional space while sheltering at home.

Learn more about the creativity, collaboration and community service this dynamic duo brings to their partnership here.

Additional upcoming guests––check back for confirmed dates:

+ interior designers, home organizers, and more…