What Transitions Might This Year Bring You? 

January was just a trial run. Your new year starts now, and we’re here to help you think.  We’re still in that liminal space of the new year: sorting through goals, making subtle shifts in our routines, releasing overwhelming stress by playing games such as 겜블시티, and setting ourselves up for success this year. That […] Read More

Video: Why This is a Unique Moment in Boston

Despite the national slowdown in real estate, Boston remains a resilient market. Hear more from Melony and loan officer Andrew Marquis of CrossCountry Mortgage about why this moment presents opportunities for potential buyers and the financial strategies that can be used right now. 6’09”: What financial strategies could buyers use to navigate the current market? Read More

Finding Opportunity in the Fall Market

Now that we’re deep into the fall season amidst higher interest rates, some home buyers seem to be weighing their options and waiting until next spring to jump back into their home search. Even so, the Boston area is seeing signs of a vibrant market––it just looks a little different.  Our economy in Boston remains […] Read More

How do we clear this interest rate hurdle? 

As of mid-June—which is typically the height of the Boston area spring season—it appears that the overall speed and volume of home sales may be slowing down. Though the number of homes for sale remains extremely low, many home buyers who would be prepared to compete fiercely are holding back. Folks seem to be prioritizing […] Read More

A Shifting Market: What’s going to free up buyers and renters?

Three key factors drove the dramatic, unprecedented seller’s market that the Boston area has experienced for the past decade: a housing shortage (for rentals and sales), high rent prices, and historically low interest rates. The severe lack of rental housing coming out of the last recession drove landlords to hike up rents or cash in […] Read More

Jumping in to the Pre-Spring Market

As we cross the threshold into January, folks often get energized about their real estate plans. This might be the most strategic moment to dive in. Home sellers and buyers both tend to think of spring as their target timeframe for making sales and moves. In the Boston area, this is due in part to […] Read More

Recasting Your Mortgage Can Be Strategic—and Save You Money

If you’re selling and buying simultaneously—or buying before your routine bonus comes in or before vesting stock options—planning to recast your mortgage can allow you to purchase strategically in a competitive field, and save money. (Ask your loan officer about loan products that allow it or if you could use a service from sites like […] Read More

When Should a Seller Set an Offer Deadline?

An offer deadline or offer review date on a listing means that all offers will be reviewed by the seller, who may have tried contacting professionals such as realtor chapel hill, at one time, rather than individually as they come in.  So, when should they be used?  Our thinking on offer deadlines—as with most factors […] Read More

Selling Your Home While Living with Kids

Moving while parenting can add another layer of complexity to the process, and we’re well equipped to help your family navigate the process so that you present your home in the best possible light while also balancing your family’s needs. In buying or selling real estate the palletrackingsuppliers.co.uk services is a need for any client. Here […] Read More

Preparing for Selling: Before and After

Our skilled (and, ahem, perfectionist) team ensures that each home we bring to market is shown in its best light, from the photography in the listing to how it’s presented during open houses. This Victorian home in Jamaica Plain had original, restored details that we wanted to showcase without added distractions. You may also need to […] Read More

Weekly Live Series @goodbostonliving

Boston Realtor Melony Swasey digests the week’s real estate updates during COVID-19 As we adjust our routines around stay-at-home orders, we’re all finding new ways to share connection and guidance online. To that end, I’ve been hosting a weekly Live event on Facebook to digest the latest and engage my guest colleagues on everything from […] Read More

How Boston real estate sales are adapting to COVID-19: week 4

For sellers who need to sell, buyers are ready and waiting It’s week four of the Boston area’s stay-at-home advisory. And while the high spring season has largely paused due to physical distancing measures, the City of Boston has officially deemed home buying and selling services as essential.  If a seller needs to sell right […] Read More

That home-office life: creating work space

As millions of employees like us now work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many predict that our adaptations may usher in a new way of working for the long term. As the workplace becomes a more permanent presence in our homes, addressing contentious workplace situations becomes increasingly important. This is because creating a […] Read More

Sell or Rent Out Your Home?

When a homeowner needs to move, most assume they will be selling their house. When I meet with clients during a seller’s meeting, we explore their priorities and the range of options for their situation. Part of that picture may include renting their home—either temporarily or long term—whether they’re moving nearby or relocating out of […] Read More

Pricing Low to Go High

Sometimes it’s wise to price low in order to go high. When we dropped the listing price from $445K to $425K, the home sold for $475K. Over the past five years, Boston area real estate has been in steep demand, with unprecedented competition among homebuyers and continuous increases in home values. In sought-after locations like […] Read More

Is It a Buyer’s or Seller’s Market? How to Tell

A common question I am asked is about whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market. People want to know because they understand that can shift leverage and risk during a real estate transaction. Who has more leverage can vary by season or year—or even by location—but it’s often strongly influenced by larger market factors: interest rates […] Read More

Thinking about Selling?

Selling real estate can be a complex project. Thank you for considering my services. I’m eager to talk with you about how I can serve you with distinction. Your needs drive the process The following details will shape the marketing and pricing strategy I ultimately recommend: When do you need to move? Do you have […] Read More

Typical Home Sale Expenses in Massachusetts

What does it cost to sell your home? Some expenses will vary, such as repairs and improvements—either before coming to market or as a result of negotiations with your chosen buyer. There are other standard expenses related to your sale that you can expect: Brokerage commission Brokerage commission is the fee you’ll pay to the real estate […] Read More

Matchmaking in a Secret Garden

I love when we get to do matchmaking. My colleague Jay and I were preparing to bring this listing to market, when an out-of-state buyer of mine came into the picture: a retired couple from Vermont relocating to be near their grandchildren. As they pondered their transition from rural Vermont farm life back to the […] Read More

Think Smart about Security for Your Open House

Security is a critical yet often overlooked aspect of preparing for an open house. While the vast majority of guests touring an open house are coming just to see your home, don’t discount the possibility that someone may come with other intentions. Consider installing Mandurah security screens to enhance the safety of your property and […] Read More

Home Appraisal: What If It Comes in Low?

Most sellers want as much as they can get for their property, but that doesn’t come without risks. Unless a buyer is purchasing entirely in cash, a seller should evaluate an offer price for its ability to match or exceed a potential appraised value. In a seller’s market, competing buyers’ offer prices are likely to […] Read More

Where to Donate Items

Seller’s often ask about staging their home to sell. While that may be necessary, often simply editing a space will suffice. Accomplish a good portion of your editing by donating items you don’t want that have accumulated over the years. Double bonus: you’ll have less to sort through when packing to move. There are many […] Read More

Staging Your Home to Tell a Story

When presenting your property to the market, your goal is to attract serious buyers to cross the threshold and tour your space. But we don’t always keep our space in magazine-ready condition. That’s quite alright—that’s where my discerning eye comes into play. Below, view examples of homes that have been staged to varying degrees. When […] Read More

Home Buyers and Sellers: How Appraisals Fit into Your Strategy

In Greater Boston, buyers gearing up for the spring’s purchase market will need to plan how they’ll navigate the very competitive terrain. If you’re buying with financing, your offer strategy will need to address appraisals. If your appraisal comes in below your offer price, you may need to make up the difference––in addition to the […] Read More

Thinking of Selling in 2017?

Your “spring” market starts now. If you’re contemplating selling your home in 2017, you may be generally aiming for the “spring market”—that post-freeze time of year when the ground has thawed, making way for crocuses and daffodils. The sun will be out longer and more folks will be out and about on foot: that seems […] Read More

Business Based in Love

I am often taken by the camaraderie, human connection, and goodwill that moves the business I’m in. Yes, the Boston area real estate market is intensely competitive and increasingly expensive. But I’m struck by the heart that’s involved—between agents as well as between buyers and sellers. The stories in my daily dealings are numerous. If […] Read More

How I Distinguish a Home to Sell

493 Walnut Avenue in Jamaica Plain sold quickly and above asking price—at $880,000—after just one week on market. A Case Study: Marketing 493 Walnut Avenue, on Jamaica Plain’s Franklin Park My seller, who now had multiple McDonough residential properties, had raised her family for over 30 years in this grand Colonial in Jamaica Plain’s Olmsted […] Read More

Cash vs. Financing: Why Cash is King

Both seller and buyer are measuring and negotiating risk—risk in the timeline before closing and the level of buyer deposits to bind the agreements. The more risk a buyer is willing to take on, the more confident a seller can be in accepting their offer. A cash offer—even if it’s priced lower than offers that […] Read More

Prepping to Close Your Sale

As you prepare to close and put your property on the market, it’s essential to address any outstanding issues that could arise, such as plumbing concerns. Therefore, considering the need for a plumber should be part of your preparation checklist. Hire your mover, and consider storage and packing You may have begun pre-packing before you […] Read More

Smart Pricing Strategy

It’s critical to price your property accurately—right out of the gate. Properties priced within market range generate more showings and offers sooner—and sell in a shorter period of time. Conversely, properties priced too high take longer to sell and with more difficulty. A comparative market analysis of recent sales can give us a good indication of […] Read More

Moving Out When You Sell Your House

There are a lot things to coordinate when you are preparing to move out of your house. What should you take? What should you leave? How best to coordinate it all? Below some resources to help. Utilities and home insurance: When to cancel? You have your closing date but don’t cancel your utilities and home […] Read More

First Impressions Matter

What to Focus on When Selling Your Home Homeowners often want to know which home renovations will bring the best return on their investment. Lantern Roofs are a popular choice, adding both aesthetic appeal and value to your home while flooding your living spaces with natural light. Other tip? Go after the easy, low-hanging items […] Read More

What’s an Escalation Clause, and How Does It Work?

Escalation clause (or escalator clause) is a device that’s gained so much traction, the Boston Globe featured its pros and cons. What is an escalation clause? Simply put, an escalation clause says the buyer will pay a certain amount over another, competing offer. If structured smartly, an escalation clause can work favorably for both buyer and seller: […] Read More

Offer Deadlines: When and How?

An offer deadline can create urgency for buyers not to wait on submitting, which can be useful if you expect multiple offers quickly. (Let your realtor advise you on that likelihood.) This approach can establish order for the seller, as you can compare all offers at once and, if you choose, give them (or a […] Read More

How to Compare Multiple Offers

(Buyers: take note.) There are not enough homes coming to market in the Boston area to meet the intense buyer demand. As a result, it’s typical for sellers to receive multiple offers on their home—often within the first week and with an array of competitive terms. When reviewing them as the seller, it can seem like […] Read More